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Fatcow 2015 Coupons

Currently, there is a wide array of companies that host various domains therefore if you are in search of a place where your website will be hosted or even get a new website altogether then you will be spoilt for choice in the market today. One of the major plus for domain hosting services is the affordability in tandem with your needs. Therefore if you wish to set up new websites or even update the existing ones, it will be very cost-effective. Fatcow webhosting is a company that is specialized in hosting of domains at very affordable prices with lots of features that create a whole new experience in the world of webhosting.

One of the most interesting facts about this company is the initiative to move towards environmental conservation. for example, all its energy needs are catered for using wind energy. For this reason most people are moving towards the green revolution and this is an area that has made this company very popular. In addition to the above assertion, it’s also worth noting that Fatcow has amassed a lot of online popularity due to various strategies that it has continued to employ in its daily functions. One of those strategies is its reliability and also due to the introduction of unlimited bandwidth and disk space which are important components in webhosting.

Additionally when an individual or company signs up for their webhosting service, they are treated to an absolutely free domain name. You also get to enjoy the unlimited disk space amounts as well as bandwidth. Many people will also enjoy the ability host many domain names using their account.

Apart from the above goodies individuals get to enjoy the following services:

MySQL databases

Free registration of domain names

Have a free website builder

Free shopping carts to kick start your business

Unlimited popup mailboxes

Site templates

WordPress installations

When you purchase from Fatcow a number of benefits will accrue. For example upon making any purchase you get to enjoy a variety of advertising credits which come in handy in assisting you to have your website enlisted with the major search engines such as Bing, yahoo or even Google. In addition you are treated fee ads on Facebook in an effort to have your website known to many people. Furthermore you might even have a free placement with YP.com as well as having a Nextiva toll free number.

Before embarking on the use of any webhosting services, many people are concerned about the drawbacks that emanate from the use of such services. To begin with I would recommend anyone to use this service due to its excellent service which comes at a very affordable price. However, as it’s the case with most companies, there are a few hitches that are imminent. Fatcow for example is suitable for people whose traffic is not abnormally huge. Despite promising a rather unlimited displace and bandwidth, a very high traffic to your website is considered as an unfair undertaking because you consume lots of their server space and resources.

For those who intend to try out their superb services their attractive account prices will come as music to their ears. There is a special introductory price for those signing up for this service. The price charged for your account depends on the package that you sign up for. For example the price charged each month depends on your payment plan. Those who sign up for one year pay $8.99 every month whereas those who sign up for a 3-year package enjoy a rather lower rate of $6.99 each month.

Finally, the whole debate on whether this company is the most suited for your webhosting needs depends on what you really want to reap out of webhosting, the kind of business you run and the amount of money that you have at your disposal. Fatcow webhosting is truly a company after everyone’s heart. You will get all the tools you need and this will really save you a fortune and unnecessary hustle. It’s also a company that is environmentally friendly and also guarantees a refund in case the services do not suit your needs. With all those credentials it’s a company that I would recommend anyone to try out and see how well it meets their needs.

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